The power of open-source

Written by Asger Bjørn Jørgensen, 2012-08-24

Hello everyone! Take a look at this little portable music player! As every other digital electronics device nowadays, it carries its own CPU, RAM, ROM and so forth. By understanding all these components, the awesome guys from Rockbox has created an open-source operating system. I installed this some time ago, and found out that there are several games in the package - this includes FreeDoom! Now I've made a video showing off my musicplayer (no, it's not just an mp3-player, please, it is compatible with almost all audio-formats on the market) playing FreeDoom using the Rockdoom WAD files.

As already mentioned in the YouTube-comments it's not the newest firmware of Rockbox. I installed the OS several years ago, and can't be arsed to update it right now.

Apart from playing useless games and countless of other weird plugins - why did I install this OS? Basicly this allows me to play several other audio formats, including .flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec), which allows me to rip my CDs and get the best sound quality to my player! Additionally the boot-time is several seconds faster and maneuvering the menus is done without lazy useless animations!

I might add the option for comments later

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